About us

Lenkua aims to be an active agent in the amazing changing process that is happening in the Education / Language Learning / ELE sectors.

A facilitator able to provide and share adquired knowledge, expertise and abilities to the private and public actors.

Doing the above by identifying, analizing, sharing and producing strategic information, and advising and working together with Institutions, Organizations and Language Schools to reach higher levels of learning and management efficiency and effectiveness.

Lenkua language changing process


Lenkua works with entrepreneurial mindset, taking continuosly into account our Clients’ interests, working side by side with them, and looking forward to exceed their expectations. Effectiveness, Accuracy, Engagement and Adaptability are our permanent Values.





Founders and Directors

Raúl Alconchel

Education & Language School Management

Marketing / Business Development / Management Control / Latin America

Curiosity, Learning & Innovation

José Luis Marco

Educational Change Agent

Committed to Educational Change through

Technology, Management, People & Resources

to build a better education experience.

And a team of national and international specialized consultants

“Education changes the world. Let’s change the world to a better one”

Are you interested in collaborating with us?

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